Maximize your revenue without sacrificing patient care.

What makes us different?


At rockhopperZSG®, our mission is to help your procedure-based private practice survive, thrive, and dominate your market in a new era of healthcare. We do this by adding custom-built mobile technology and cloud-based computing to your practice in order to achieve two goals: 1) improve the patient experience and 2) maximize your patient yield per encounter. Our founder, Jay Crawford MD, is a dedicated private practice Orthopaedic Surgeon who completely believes in the value that private practice offers to communities, and in the need to strengthen private practices in an evolving healthcare system.


rockhopperZSG® was born as an idea on August 4, 2012. Dr. Crawford was on family vacation in San Francisco and had the opportunity to use “Uber”, an app that is revolutionizing the taxi business. The app was not just useful—it was the very definition of a disruptive use of technology to dramatically improve the customer experience. For five months after that trip, Dr. Crawford spent countless hours brainstorming and researching how to build the Orthopaedic analog of Uber for his own practice--and for everyone else’s, too.

rockhopperZSG® was formed as an LLC in February, 2013. The development team spent 8 months building our flagship product, nextDocVisit (link to nextDoc Visit is designed to capitalize on increasing use of mobile technology by the public to improve the customer experience with private practices and to increase the profitability of each patient encounter for those practices.

How does it work?

rockhopperZSG® recognizes that every private practice has individual qualities that make it as unique as the partners that constitute the group. Several of these qualities can be quantified and classified into a matrix of independent and interdependent variables that mathematically express the value to the practice of any particular patient and clinical complaint. Defining those qualities and their relative relationships allows rockhopperZSG® to build a custom “fingerprint” for a practice.

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